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Face 2 Face Team Leader at Save the Children - Western Cape South Africa

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Face 2 Face Team Leader at Save the Children - Western Cape South Africa
Supervise a team of F2F Fundraisers and support them to attract individual donors by:
Assisting with their induction and providing ongoing onsite training and coaching,
Providing expertise in F2F fundraising techniques, objection handing, codes of conduct and day to day operations,
Ensuring team members are familiar with and can use appropriate fundraising techniques,
Keeping the team motivated and ensure that they behave in a disciplined manner,

Quickly identifying and reporting disciplinary issues/ other events that may implicate the organisation or the well-being of team members to the Fundraising Manager,
Helping SCSA to retain F2F Fundraisers by developing their skills and supporting those with potential to move on to the team leader role, or other suitable roles within Save the Children South Africa,

Maintain an understanding of SCSA programmes, campaigns and causes, to be able to talk convincingly to potential supporters about the organisation’s work and ensure team members can do the same. This includes keeping up to date with projects and news that affects the team, participating in training, talking with relevant SCSA staff, undertaking individual research, etc.
Be responsible for achieving personal and team’s daily/ weekly targets, in accordance with agreed Key Performance indicators (KPIs). This includes setting targets for individual team members and managing their performance with the support of the Regional Supervisor, and meeting personal fundraising targets.

Provide regular updates to the Regional Supervisor i.e. at least four times per day.
Ensure the effective and accurate administration and processing of personal and team sign ups.
Be accountable for and ensure team members take responsibility for any SCSA equipment that is entrusted to their care.
Work together cooperatively with and support other F2F team leaders and fundraisers.
Represent and also ensure that team members represent SCSA in the public sphere in a positive and inspiring manner.

Adhere to SCSA Code of Conduct at all times.
Assist with other fundraising or campaigning activities as directed by the Manager.
Assist with organising travel arrangements for F2F fundraising activities as required.
Actively participate in relevant team-building, group activities or meetings.

Undertake any other tasks that may be delegated by the Manager that are in keeping with the scope of the role.

Proven success in face to face fundraising while other sales/ fundraising experience is useful
Experience of supporting and supervising others
Ability to both lead and work collaboratively within a team
Training experience and the ability to transfer skills to others
Ability to work independently

Ability to easily build rapport with a diverse range of people
Excellent communication skills, creativity and the ability to develop new ways to inspire people about what SCSA does
Proven ability to motivate and inspire others
Ability to work well under pressure and to handle rejection
A positive attitude and high levels of self-motivation

Good organisational and time management skills
Valid, current drivers’ licence
Ambitious, results orientated and able to work in a target driven environment
Reliable and adaptable
An interest in and passion for SCSA cause
Commitment to SCSA mission and values


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